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Sci-Fi Laser Pistol 2.5 Watt Includes Laser Goggles & Charger

Sci-Fi Laser Pistol 2.5 Watt Includes Laser Goggles & Charger

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3D printed in the USA.

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Sci-Fi Laser Pistol 2.5 Watt Includes Laser Goggles & Charger 
Beam was seen for over a mile. It probably can go more.
Mfr.: Unknown
Model: Sci-Fi Laser Pistol 2.5 Watt
How to Operate
1. Charger - Gun must be in the off position to charge the battery, 6 hours for complete charge.
2. Protective Safety Glasses - For safety reasons, never operate this item without laser protective glasses. Laser can blind a person and geminately damage eyes. Never look at the beam directly.
3. Gun - Laser is a adjustable focus laser. Adjust depending on the distance of the target. Adjust beam to a fine dot on target for maximum operation.
NOTE: See Photos. The beam was on a point towards a piece of cardboard for about 30 seconds and the box started smoking.
Disclaimer: This is not a toy. Purchaser is responsible for any and all use. Purchaser assumes all legal responsibilities for the uses of this product. It is not intended to be used as a weapon - aiming and firing at an individual or any living thing is considered and assault with a deadly weapon and punishable by law. Purchaser must be at least 18 years of age. Protective goggles must be worn at all times during use. DO NOT LOOK INTO THE BEAM OR STARE AT IT MORE ANY AMOUNT OF TIME WITHOUT THE SAFETY LASER GOGGLES ON.

Item Number 1218-1793

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Manufacturer Unknown

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