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24 Amps Power Conditioning

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Condition:  The OneAc Model CC1128 does not look bad at all. We make every effort to communicate all of the details to make an informed decision, however, verification and perceived value may vary. If a condition or features are provided, they are ONLY done so as a COURTESY. The more informed you are, the better your purchase decision. Since your needs are unique to you, your evaluations will be different from others.

Based in a casual inspection the CC1128 Power Conditioning Unit looks as good as something like this need to look, it has a few minor cosmetic scuff/marks and scratches and the ding on the back of the unit exterior but, no apparent damage or broken parts as seen in the photos, no manuals, paperwork or accessories. We do not have the necessary equipment to perform any testing on this equipment. Please see pictures for actual physical condition. What you see is what you get.  - That is the reason why we are selling it at this price! - Please view all pictures and ask any questions before purchase.

The information here was taken off the internet. It is up to the buyer to verify if information is correct

Load Current Rating (Amps)                24

Output Rating (kVA)                             2.88

Voltage (VAC)                                        120

Output Voltage (VAC)                          120

Line cord (feet)                                    10

Input Connector                                    L5-30P

Output Connector                                 5-20R (4) & L5-30R (1)

Inrush—1/2 Cycle (Amps)                    500

Surge Current (Amps) 1 sec. typical    170

Surge Current (Amps) 5 sec. typical     60

1kHz Forward Transfer Impedance (Ohms) less than 1.25

Heat Loss, 80% Load (BTU per hr.)       less than 250

ONEAC CB, CC Series Power Conditioners: For some, conventional approaches to power protection are “good enough”. But many find that surge suppressors or special electrical circuits are inadequate. Others face performance expectations with no room for errors. ONEAC power conditioners are engineered to satisfy these demanding applications.

Semiconductor-based systems need clean power

Computers, medical instrumentation, telecommunications and manufacturing systems all rely on semiconductors. And the

way semiconductors perform is by processing electric signals of less than a few volts each. Transient voltage disturbances confuse that process. Data may be lost or corrupted. Instructions garbled. Processes stop. Systems need to be reset. Worse, electrical overstress can destroy or degrade semiconductor material. The results are increasingly unreliable operation or seemingly random, sudden failures.

ONEAC’s unique solution

ONEAC power conditioners assure reliable electronic performance by isolating semiconductors from the outside electrical worlds they connect to. They differ from surge suppressors in that they limit not only peak voltage (amplitude), but also edge-speed (frequency) of electrical transients. ONEAC’s low impedance transformer and Virtual Kelvin Ground® remove the full spectrum of conducted power line noise in all modes. More, they convert a noisy safety ground to a noise-free signal ground. It’s an approach that has proven uniquely effective against all conducted electrical disturbances.

Mfr.: OneAC

Model: CC1128

Serial No. 9446-8375

We do our best to describe the item condition, and in cases where we’re selling a unit with a known problem we will always disclose the details of what we know. We do not have the expertise or do not have the equipment required to do the testing. That is the reason why we are selling it at this price! - What you see is what you get. Please view all pictures and ask any questions before purchase.

Please review all the pictures. They are part of the description; you will only receive what you see in the pictures. If you have questions about the item, shipping or something that has not been answered here, please send us an email.

We have a large amount of industrial, scientific, electrical, restaurant and other equipment in our warehouse; only a fraction is listed here, please inquire with your needs.

Selling "AS IS, WHERE IS." We do not have the capability to test this unit and that is the reason why we are selling it at this price!

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Dimensions:   W:  10.5”   -  H: 10.5”  -  D: 17.62”

Weight::   150 Lbs.

Price:  $550.00

SKU No.  0717-1598 AR

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Manufacturer OneAC

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